About Jeanne


These pictures best describe me.
I tend to be a bit of a “detail freak” and a”contemplative over-analyzer.”

Things I love to do: breathing in nature, drawing (a rare treat…I’m good when I try), photography, and more nature photography.

Launching in 2017 to serve people who need an encouraging word, who are going through hard times, or are seeking more information.

~ Encountering life’s challenges
~ solo person
~ a single mother & empty nester
~ mom of a college child with Asperger’s (Aspie)
~ trying not to let roles define me

This blog:
– is a way for me to reflect
– allows me to vent
– serves as a creative outlet (or a not-creative outlet, depending on the day)
– is a way for me to show others, that there is hope


Change and hard times are very painful. But we can and we will pull through them. Many years ago I was in a place where I thought I wanted God to take control of my life. I told God He could take control of my life – but only if _____ were to not happen. Essentially I have learned recently that I did not really trust God with my life at that time. I had to be in control. Since that time my life spiraled and crashed. I have come to rely on God and God alone, because everyone else divorced me (except my parents and kid of course) when I left my ex. That includes all of my former “friends” and such. I had to be taken to a very low point and essentially spend almost two years in solitude (parents and daughter were the exception) where I really came to understand giving God control of my life. I had to completely give my past to God – because guilt would eat me up. 
Many may scoff at the whole “God” concept. I have searched for other things – and have found that there is only true peace and hope in Christ alone. While others may agree or disagree, this is my belief, and I ask that you respect that. Please – feel free to tell me your story. I love to hear others stories – would welcome yours as well. 

I welcome your comments