Traces of Life

Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 2.48.42 PM

Each of us leaves a trace.
No matter how seemingly inconsequential our life.
No matter how much we try to portray,
That perfect life, it’s like cutting with a dull knife.

Life’s like one big chase.
And in life we strive, we really try,
No matter what I say
Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing a disguise.

Let me reiterate…
Let’s analyze, sometimes we need to revive and recognize
When we need a holiday, I pray I can getaway.
I don’t want to be unwise, despised, don’t want to just survive.

We all leave a trace, we don’t have to go ALL the way to space
There is a price, let me give you some advise,
We all leave a trace and only you can say…
Give me five, so I can optimize…how I leave my trace.


These drawings were drawn, traced, and edited by me.


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