MY Security


Life circumstances…I never thought I would be divorced a 2nd time. Yet here I am.

Life circumstances…this picture is my offer letter for my current position. I wasn’t able to rely on my ex-husband’s salary to support my family. Partially because he never worked a job over 26 hours a week. I have only been able to rely on myself, the work ethic that I was taught, and God’s constant ability to provide.

This letter was my salary letter. It was proof that I was offered employment for a decent salary. It’s proof that I’m making it on my own. That I’m putting my daughter through college. That life goes on. 

Husbands have failed me, so my own work ethic is my security. That and my faith in Jesus Christ. I know Christ will never fail me and if I fail, it’s no ones fault but my own.

Just a couple of self portraits

<a href=””>Security</a&gt;


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