Probably my most peaceful place is sitting quietly on the beach, by myself – and getting lost in my own world. Listening to the waves, feeling the wind, smelling the ocean air, smelling the wind, feeling the hot sand in my toes and on my feet, and breathing in fresh air.

music – Going to the local Guitar shop and dreaming about a guitar I’ll likely never have is another way for me to “peace out.” I can sit in Sweetwater and play around on Taylors, Martins, and whatever else strikes my fancy. As none of these are in my budget, I have to leave my desire for a new guitar at the door:(


Nature is my getaway. That coupled with the above stated Taylor guitar – would be magical. It would make this sunset pop even more. It would make this scene even more surreal.


The rolling aisles of the library – always a place where peace can be found.
Lately I’ve been escaping to the genealogy section of my local library which is GREAT!

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