It’s not all about me

Maximizing my new minimalistic life.

I’ve recognized lately that I just have too many things. I’ve been learning about a more simple lifestyle, a more minimal lifestyle. I’ve asked myself what is success? What is important to me? Having too much stuff really just stresses me out. Clutter drives me crazy. For a couple years now I’ve been picturing a more simple life, a more basic life. Now I’m hearing about the minimalist lifestyle and I LOVE it. It’s pretty simple; “have what you need.” “Get rid of things o=you don’t need”.

Right now I’m recognizing that  I need to make some changes. I need to get rid of 6/7ths of my clothes…most of my shoes…a lot of books…knick-knacks…pointless things. Things I don’t wear, things I don’t use, things that are a waste of space. I only want things that serve a purpose.

You can see I have a lot of work to do: I already pulled a lot of things off hangers and shoved them elsewhere in the closet. I have boxes to empty. Altogether I need to end up with 33 ITEMS OF CLOTHING….33. I know I’ll feel better once I get to this point – but getting to this point is difficult. After so many years of having so much – I ‘m wanting to give it all up.




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