One a scale of 1 to 10…

I’ve heard that phrase more than once in the last month. Let’s just say that the last month has been “rough.” Kidney stones, stomach flu, ear infection, bronchitis, ear infection (again), sinus infection, a worse ear infection – and LOTS of time off work.


Two weeks ago I ended up being off work all week. I hadn’t planned on it. It just happened, literally one day at a time. I did attempt going to work one day – I think I made it about 20 minutes. After that week and the weekend I grudgingly dragged myself back into work for another week. I had still not recovered. Then over the weekend the dreaded MidWest cough started. And then the fever. However, I persevered and went to work on Monday. Granted, I sounded like a frog and barely had a voice, had a fever and a cough…and then my boss finally kicked me out. She informed me to hide anything on my desk I didn’t want doused with Lysol. So I went back to the rapid clinic only to be told that the ear infection I had two weeks ago had only gotten worse…so after some texts with my boss it was decided I would stay home the next day. That and the fact that I literally had NO voice. My plan as to go back to work today…and then I ended up with a fever of 100 last night. So once again, I’m home…instead of working.

So me being the bored broke person I am, I’m entering giveaways for anything that sounds remotely cool; camping gear, guns, video game consoles, vacations…you name it and I’ve probably entered it. And I’m playing online and phone games like crazy…ugh. I just want to go back to work. Unfortunately I won’t be able to work Friday because we had a death in the family, and that funeral is on Friday in another state. 

Wish me luck in winning something cool. Maybe I’ll get lucky and my bills will get paid off. Or maybe I’ll win a camper or boat. But really – I just want to get WELL, so I’m not having to miss work and make my co-workers sick every other week.

I love my job and don’t want to endanger it. There are other jobs I want to move into – but that can’t happen if I don’t get over the MidWest “junk”. For me, it’s a take your pick thing…


Because Parks and Rec was in Indiana, I thought this was appropriate for how I feel. Oddly enough I received an email from work saying that pretty much a whole department is out sick, as are some others – so I guess it’s not just me :/

If you’re sick – get well. Don’t spread your crap – nobody wants it. I should have taken my own advise earlier this week.

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