Open invitation to learn

I think this pictures describes my daughter perfectly.
Lost in her own world.
In the world, but not a part of it.

I invite others to learn about Asperger’s.
How do Aspie’s act? Think? Aspie girls are different from Aspie boys.
Why do many aspies pace? flap their hands?

A few things about my daughter.

  • Read at a young age, like 3-4 years old. By age 5 she was reading books.
  • Could count to and from 100 by age 3.
  • Could do math sums by age 3.
  • Has the best laugh in the world.
  • Wants to adopt kids from all over the world. And many dogs too.
  • Finds college less stressful than anytime in her life.
  • Paces when she is nervous.
  • Has a weird expression when nervous and stressed
  • Can sounds “bitey” when nervous and stressed.
  • Gets on “fixes” and that’s all she’s interested in for a short time (scrapbooking, physiology, psychological profiles, writing letters by hand, etc.)


Why do they have to come in, run to a run, and throw a weighted blanket over themselves and hid for the next hour? When they’re just acting weird?

New situations – crowded rooms – stiff clothing – smelly places…don’t even get me started on that. 

Daughter’s roommate…seriously, so many people claim to be loving and tolerant. But really they’re not. They may be tolerant to people in one area, but not to those in another. They don’t realize that their actions (or lack thereof) are being highly scrutinized by someone who has deep hurts. Someone who is afraid to be a friend, because friends hurt you. But don’t say you’re tolerant if you are going to call my kid weird. If you’re going to ignore my kid. If you’re going to treat her like she’s less than you and your friends. Because that’s what you’re doing. Based on your actions and your silent treat – you are treating a young woman who has Asperger’s…like garbage.

People – be careful of your actions, your words. Don’t treat people like crap – even the weird ones. The weird ones tend to have the sweetest personalities when you give them a chance to bloom. Look past their strange behaviors, the fact they may not look you in the eye – and just read up on what makes people “tick”. Whether it be Aspergers, ADHD, whatever it may be.

Be brave, be bold, treat others like they are gold. 


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