Personal Goals

For many reasons, I have decided to start working out.

a) “Because I should”
b) Because it’s what my body needs
c) Because I’m tired of being “overweight”
d) Because I want to get back to somewhat of the person I used to be

In a former life, in other words many years ago, I was able to run easily and athleticism came easily to me. Being a klutz was something that never crossed my mind – and then one day it happened. Before I knew it the pounds added up, the aches and pains got worse and worse, and now…I’m just weak.

This week I joined a gym. Unfortunately I work 12 hour days – but i’m still determined to work around this, workout in evenings, before work, and on weekends. I’m also taking it one step at a time. I’ve learned that seeing a HUGE number may be self defeating, so I’m taking baby steps.

The diet. 

The diet for me is actually easy. I’ve already cut out gluten, that’s at least one step. Why? My body is apparently intolerant of gluten. To be honest I’ve suspected this for year. And for years I’ve played with cutting out gluten “for a week or two” to see how I feel. Or to get myself back on track. But now I know. I’m intolerant. And I’m realizing it leaves me bloated, foggy thinking, and other not so fab things. For me the hard part will be cutting out soda…

I want to work out, because I want to feel better. I want to fee better and I want to look better. I want to feel better, be active, and be healthy. For me, there is no turning back. There is no “rewarding myself.” My reward will be a healthier body, one that’s in better shape, and one that will reach my goals.

Goals and methodology:
– Hiking, including long and hard hikes (Appalachian Trail for example)
– Kayaking
– Climbing, indoor and outdoor
– Visiting the gym
– Biking, mountain biking, off trail riding,etc.
– Geocaching (for bad days), walking tour of city
– Swimming (day at the “Y”)
– Walking on a trail instead of the gym (granted I live in Indiana, so weather permitting)
– Ice skating
– Paddle boarding

My long term goals include getting myself to the point where I am running marathons. For fun. Because I want to. And because I can. One step at a time. 

Second long term goal is to complete the 14 state challenge for the Appalachian Trail. A through hike seems impossible (single mother, debt, job, all that) so I’ll stick to reality. For this challenge, you complete one section of the “AT” in each state and commemorate and share the journey, then get an “official” certificate! I’m already looking at places within reason from Indiana, and thinking of people who may undertake this journey with me! 

* For once the featured image is not mine. As I have never hiked the Appalachian Trail this was the best I could do for now!

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