Lake ambience

I am lucky to live in the cornfields of Northern Indiana. There are two things that Northern Indiana has; cornfields and lakes. My daughter goes to college in one lake town. Recently her dad visited her (we are divorced) and she told me what they did; “we drove through cornfields, more cornfields, then went to the middle of nowhere. Then we had to go back through cornfields, and cornfields again.”

Ambience can be found in many places. It can be found in the middle of the day. It can be found rather unexpectedly. The photo below, to me, depicts hope. In the midst of a chaotic and stressful time, one day I was sitting at my work at desk and silently freaking out. Then I looked up. And below is what I saw: 922330_10200709895888080_951869624_o

Even in the midst of chaos, un-order, and stressful times – there is hope.



A refreshing view of Lake Wawasee in Indiana.



The canal going into Winona Lake, Indiana.



The Village, Winona Lake, Indiana. Ambience in the midst of the 1st Indiana snow:)

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