Back then

The pictures below are of: my godparents (on the picture on the left they are on the left, my dad is on the right – the picture on the right, my mom is on the left and my godparents are on the right) and my parents. This was before selfies with smartphones and timers with selfie sticks, tripods, etc. This photo was 35mm era – the type of film that had to be developed. My godparents got me a book of poems when I was a kid, and this poem was in it – and described me to a “t” when I was a kid.


by Shel Silverstein


I’ll swing

By my ankles,

She’ll cling

To your knees

As you hang

By your nose

From a high-up


But just one thing, please,

As we float through the breeze—

Don’t sneeze.

p.s. Though I look like a little boy in the last photo, I ensure you I am a girl.

<a href=””>Transcript</a&gt;


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