The calm before the storm…

Today was my last day before Christmas break. If I’m going to be politically correct it’s before holiday break, winter break, or the end of the year break. Whatever we call it – it’s the end of the year, Christmas is just around the corner…and this mama is broke.

Christmas to me isn’t exactly something I look forward to. I mean…it’s okay…but I have a lot of memories of Christmases past, and if I’m being honest, things are just lonely now. I grew up in an adopted family of sorts – we’re not close to either my mom’s family or my dad’s family. In this adopted family, we spent each and every holiday with them from the time I was little, until my daughter was about 7 years old. And perhaps it’s because now there are 3 of us on Christmas day, and we really don’t do much…that I miss these days gone by. I miss these days that I spent with my former family. It’s complicated – that’s all I can say. It’s REALLY complicated.

So as I face this Christmas holiday season, it’s not completely full of joy. I hear my co-workers and friends talking about their traditions and it makes me remember years ago. It makes me wish things were not as complicated. But life is complicated. So on Christmas Day, there will be 3 of us; my mom, my dad, and I. And let’s not forget the dog. My daughter will be at her dad’s. There won’t be any laughter, games, or great memories. But there will be memories. And we can either decide to make them good ones or bad ones. We never know what tomorrow will bring, or if tomorrow will come at all.

The CALM before the storm…Today was serene and calm at work. I thought it would be endless, but it was oddly calm. It was the last workday of the year. Luckily I work in a place that gives us paid time off at the end of the year.

The calm BEFORE the storm…I know a storm is coming. It’s inevitable. It’s coming, sometime, somewhere. I may not see what’s coming but God does. And that’s alright.

The calm before the STORM…”The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.”   Vincent Van Gogh.

While the battle will be tough, it is better to face the storm than to not face it at all.


Peace to all


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