BE the Change – BE the Action

It is easy to say we are going to DO something. But it’s entirely different to DO it.

I live in the United States, grew up in a “blue collar” working class family. My family was not what you would call educated. But they were what you could call hardworking. We always food to eat, I always had new clothes, and I essentially grew up in a bubble.

Within my family Christmas was huge. I hear people say a few things they got their kids and in my mind I wonder what else…because our family Christmases were HUGE. That’s just how they were. I think because my parents had nothing growing up, they didn’t want it to be like that for me – and they didn’t want that to define and mold their entire lives.

Needless to say – I never wanted anything growing up. And my daughter has been much the same way. I’m a single parent, but I have never been on government aid. I have always worked full-time (and sometimes went to school while I was completing my degree). We are definitely not poor, and definitely not rich.

What I’m getting at is this…While I grew up in a family that had money, that’s not me.       I am certainly a “paycheck to paycheck” person (single mom, kid in college – all that).

Here is my opinions of Americans in general:
– We don’t realize that there are actual hungry people out there (I used to be one of them, when married to my ex, mentioned in another post)
–  We think if it’s not happening to us it must not be real
– We think that throwing a few bucks at a charity will actually help (read the fine print, maybe a few cents of what you donate goes towards the actual cause many times)
– It’s not all about us

When I was trying to think what to write – I got some general ideas from other posts. According to statistics:
–  $198,728,999 (this was going so fast I couldn’t capture a #, was up to $198,909,000 by the I wrote this) spent on video games TODAY
– I live in Fort Wayne, IN – 
it’s estimated that there are between 2,500 and 3,500 homeless in my city.
There is one major place, Rescue Mission that serves the homeless. People can give money, gifts, or their time. They also offer “211 services” 24/7 with live counselors that can offer assistance in many categories and subcategories. 

My goal – and my challenge for my readers – instead of making new years resolutions that will be dead in a week…why not make a positive change? 

  • Go to your local homeless shelter, talk to the people in charge, and see what they need most. Then visit another organization and do the same – find one you love and feel good about, and GO FOR IT. Volunteer, take them things they need, see the impact you make.
  • If you unable to do the above, maybe you can put boxes together for these charities. For example, pregnancy centers, children’s homes (events, things they need, camps), animal shelters…
  • Find your passion – be safe about it – but find a way to give back to someone who needs it. It may not be who you expect, because sometimes the people who look the least needy are the most needy (hurting hearts, broken lives, etc.)
  • If you have a previously broken or healing heart – there are so many others out there just like you. Please be careful.


There is just something about volunteering and giving – it far better than money can buy. If you need some suggestions on places to go – feel free to send me a message.

Take a trip and stay in a hostel, volunteer in a shelter or soup kitchen, run a 5k in the area, spend some time with sick kids and read to them…

Many great ideas out there – we just need to be the change and then be the action behind that change. We can’t wait for others to change, we have to be the change.

— as a final note, my daughter is the one spotlighted in the picture. this picture is from a camp they worked several years ago. from those youth trips she took she learned to have a serving heart. she also found her life’s calling. if you know my kid (not really a kid now), she’s very quiet and timid. she hates the city, she prefers the country. The kid in that picture, has been dragged through the mud. She has been shunned because I got divorced. Her friends ditched her. Her youth group abandoned her. Her father doesn’t support her. Yet through it all – she has remained strong.  She has learned, by being dragged to the bottom of the pit, that you can rely on God. When she could have turned to drugs, sex, and so many other things – she did not.

~~All I can say is that God has been working in her life in a big way. She is now pursuing a degree in Urban Ministries and a minor in youth ministry. So funny – because these are two areas she is NOT COMFORTABLE IN. Yet God takes people others wouldn’t think of, molds them, and makes them His. If my quiet Katy can conquer her fears and challenges I know about anyone can. She has faced more in life than many adults. Yet it hasn’t beat her down. It has built her up into the Godly woman she is today. She is letting God lead her, and she has said, this is NOT my thing, God is definitely leading me on this path.

If we could all be more simplistic like that. To just follow what we need to do instead of getting distracted by stupid things that get us in trouble. Something to think on…


So…How will you try to make the world a better place in 2017? 


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