Things that make me go aahhhh…

I’m one of those people who is usually pretty wired. For instance – I decided to take a bath the other night. It sounds great in one regard, but in reality it maybe lasted 5 minutes. I just find it really hard to completely relax.


A few places that’s easy to do:

  • The beach, when it’s quiet
  • the beach around the lighthouse on Sanibel Island, especially at the tail end of a storm until just after a storm. 
  • Sitting in the deep woods (not to be mistaken with woods that are next to a highway with lots of noise) 
  • Laying in the back of a pickup and starting up at the night sky 
  • Playing guitar at the end of a long day

Relax – clear my mind, listen to music, read, be surrounded by nature – Relax

Relax and motivate – Starbucks Caramel Mocha, music in my ears, and Google street view – Relax and motivate


<a href=””>Relax</a&gt;


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