Confused by those around me

People confuse me. I’ll admit it. Recently at work we took a DISC assessment, which is a type of behavior assessment tool. Most of the results were things that I agree with. There were definitely things that I saw on my results that made me think. About how I perceive things, how people perceive me, and generally how I deal with people.

August 15 was my first day at my job. On my first day we had to introduce ourselves. It’s odd how we change. I remember on that first day, the people I talked to the most – and the people I talked to the least. What’s funny – is that the people I talked to the least at that time, are now my closest friends at work. Oddly enough, our work group has a great connection – that would confuse anyone who walked by and overheard us.


Sometimes I feel like this perplexed girl above (my daughter). I can see the look on her face – she just wants to get away, she’s in her own world, she is confused. People confuse her, sounds around her confuse her, smells/sights/bright lights confuse her. Some days I feel like that too – it’s like the world is overwhelming to me. I want to be like the kid above – building a sandcastle, in a world of my own. I want to be in my own world so try to escape in my own mind.

And then reality hits, my phone rings, or a human being speaks to me and I must respond. Sometimes it’s awkward, sometimes it’s painful – but I manage, and I crawl my way through. The good thing, is once I figure out how to get myself through these bad times – I know I can help others get through them too.

Next time you are in a tough spot – become that kid on a beach. Immerse yourself in your own little VR world within your head. Get yourself through it – and then reach out to someone else in need. There are so many people around us who are in much worse shape than we are – and we never know what the people around us are going through. They may seem picture perfect but their world may be crumbling – never judge a book by its cover. 

“You can’t follow your heart when it is more confused than your head”


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3 thoughts on “Confused by those around me

  1. I can resonate with it. In fact, I feel most of the people reading this would be able to relate to it as it is something really common. We all go through bad times, and we all have our own ways of getting out of them too.
    I personally try to use the same way as you have mentioned, that is to immerse into my own world. It is like an escape, and at times it is good to escape. 🙂


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