Anticipation of 2017

noun: anticipation; plural noun: anticipations

1. the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.

Anticipation. Such a tricky word. Sometimes when we anticipate things, we fear them. We avoid them. And other times, we openly accept them. And rejoice in the anticipation.
The image I selected reads;
“JANARY 1, 2017”
2017 is a new year. Some are seeing 2017 as “just another day”, while others view it as a chance to start over. I see this new year as one for new opportunities.
2016 brought many changes; moving out of my old state (I’ve lived there most of my life), becoming an empty nester, a new job, apartment living, solo living (post divorce), … many changes – and for the positive.
Some things I’m anticipating in 2017:
– Getting a real couch
– Moving up in my position
– Paying off some debt
– Earning another Bachelors degree (perks of working at a college – it’s free)
– Daughter’s college debt
Hoping 2017 is great for all!
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