Sunsets: THE Cherry on Top

I love photography, though I am still learning.

Today’s Cherry is a sunset picture that I took by a church in Ohio. It was evening, and I was outside with a group of youth. It was a beautiful day. Rather than being inside, we decided to do our lessons outside. It was a great choice because we all got to witness a wonderful sunset.


In the first part of the picture, to the left, I see a reminder of picturesque faith. A steeple gives a building a religious connotation. For many, this has meaning. While a building is just a building, if people are searching for a church, what will they look for? A/the steeple. While the backgrounds and history of steeps can be debated, I just love the way it makes the background of a photo look, and the pure architecture. Hopefully I’ll have more of those photos later.

The second part of the photo is the whipped cream part – nature. I love nature. If I had my way, my house would be all glass, set in the woods, overlooking a lake or river, with a mountain right there too. I love nature. Did you get that? I love nature. The other side of the photo show’s God’s handiwork.

So we have God’s house (the church) and God’s handiwork (His creation).

These are my beliefs. They may be different from yours. I respect that.

And this is my photo. I stated why I selected it and why I “cherry picked” it.


I love this picture equally so had to add this one as well.

This was taken at the end of the day at Disney’s Boardwalk whatever it’s called. We went there because it was free. There was a great band playing, so we kicked back and listed to them. I noticed the sun was getting low and knew I had a great shot.

I’ll “cherry pick” this one as well…orlandosunset

This to me – is just breathtaking. I could eat this. I could breathe this. It’s my perfect world – nature: water, trees, and the sun.




<a href="">Cherry On Top</a>


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