Budget Travel – CALIFORNIA

CALIFORNIA COAST, budget bucket list

As a single woman and a single mother (college kid = empty nester) I’m always looking for things to do. Thing is – personality wise, I’m between wanting to be with people (people I like that is)…and wanting to be alone. Which of course brings me to travel.

Some friend/co-workers and I were talking about going on a trip. As a solo provider of course I’m thinking BUDGET and CHEAP. It’s not necessarily something I “want” but a “must have” at this point in my life. So – I started doing some research and thought I would share some fun and unique travel ideas I found. Some of them probably aren’t so new and unique – but may be something different to try for your next trip. Best of all, if you’re like me, it may not break the bank.

I have started looking at some unique and budget friendly travel ideas for solo or group travel. Probably won’t work with little kids, or kids under 18. These basic ideas can be modified of course to suit your particular needs. This idea is very rough, and in the beginning stages.



    • Lodging
      • Hostel – Ocean Beach, standard 6 bed female – $ 62/night
        • Within walking distance of many things – and the ocean
    • Food
      • Hodadies – burgers, old card/license plates, big portions
    • Lodging
      • Hostel –  Samesun Venice Beach, female dorm 4 – $ 82.00/night
        • Breakfast included
    • Lodging
      • Hostel – San Luis, basic 5 bed female dorm – $ 56/night
    • Lodging
      • Hostel – Pigeon Point Lighthouse, 2 beds female dorm (6 beds total) – $60/night


So that is my start of my list….ideally I would like to drive up the coast from CA to WA. That is a dream.

On the other side of the country…Bar Harbor, ME is also appealing. Complete opposite of west coast

Feel free to comment and give suggestions on budget friendly places along the coast!


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