Lake Life

A land of beauty, glory and wonder,
God’s creation, lightening and thunder
A piece of inspiration and exuberance,
makes me contemplate His mighty presence.

Filled with life, so full of ‘green’
full of life, calm and clean,
He made us such a haven,
where in His name is engraven.

Trees, flowers, lakes and seas,
His variety will never cease.
A gift so precious, great and pure,
that can with beauty, entice and lure.

Made in God’s image, we humans
possess this amazing experience,
entrusted in our humble hands,
assuming it thus a safe land.

But alas! we ignorant beings,
little understand the importance
of having nature in our possession,
to be preserved and never forsaken.

Misjudge, misuse and misunderstand,
is all we ever learn and practise.
Destroy, kill and abandon,
till all at large is amiss.

Stop! we need to contemplate;
Such inhuman deeds of destruction,
and use rather than abuse
Nature, God’s great innovation.

All we need is a little effort,
a little insight coupled with thought,
consideration and a selfless attitude
to maintain every latitude.

Fact remains, we’re still humans
God’s creation, His loving race.
We can’t just let Him down,
We will make ourselves worthy of His grace.



2 thoughts on “Lake Life

    1. The main picture was taken down at Winona Lake, IN a couple of weeks ago. the black and white picture was also on Winona Lake – I think they were storing something for the winter, but I’m really not sure what the things were.


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