Life and Death

Death. It’s a word we hear, but it really doesn’t affect us until it happens.

Sunday night I was on Facebook and saw a post that stopped my heart – and then broke it. The man who was like a father to me (in fact he IS my biological father) had passed away just hours before. And how did I find out? SOCIAL MEDIA.

Rarely do I cry. But last night I sobbed. My family is in another state so I am here, all alone to deal with my grief. And worst of all, NO ONE knows how bad my grief is. And really, no one CAN know.

No one really knows (or at least acknowledges) that this man was my biological father. Don’t get me wrong, I have a father who raised me, I have his name, and I call him dad. But there is another father as well. I knew him as my Godfather, my friend. He counseled me. Taught me the value of hard work. He was wise, he was loved, and I am honored to call him my father.

Sadly, I will only be able to call him my father on this anonymous blogging site. Because illegitimate children and adultery are not spoken of – I shall remain the unnamed person that people whisper about.

So, I hold my head up high, conduct myself in a manner in which he would be proud.



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