Recently I started a new job – it has been so refreshing. While it has been stressful, I am confident that I am where God wants me to be. While you may disagree with that – that is my belief. I know first hand the doors that have been opened, the opportunities that have presented themselves – that only God could have allowed. From hearing of the position, to  the interview, getting the position, relocating, moving, and so on…I was certainly not me!

You see, if it were up to me – I would be living somewhere where my arthritis wouldn’t flare up. Where the climate is warm and hot. Somewhere like New Mexico or Arizona. But no…I am in Indiana. INDIANA!

Where I am vs. where I COULD have been…

My position is with a college in Indiana, with the Adult Enrollment Services. Basically I enroll people in college. Sales job? Pretty much. But honestly – it was someone like me, who helped change my life many years ago.

Life in a Christian Evangelical University is far different from a public and secular one. Now, let me be clear…if you work in a Christian Evangelical University, at least IWU, you KNOW what you are getting in to. You KNOW what is expected of you. It’s not like you’re going in and signing up unwillingly for prayer at work, Christian co-workers…they are very clear up front. It has been so refreshing to work at IWU. While I know it will not be perfect, where I came from before was the complete opposite.

Here – I have supportive and NICE coworkers. I have supportive and NICE supervisors. We lift each other up, we support each other…it’s unlike anyplace I have ever worked.


While it’s not for everyone, it’s what I needed. I just came out of a dark place. About two years ago I was divorced. It was a nasty divorce. People who I thought were my friends turned their backs on me – based solely on what he told them. I left my husband (my now ex) because he would not work. At that time I was working 50 hours a week and driving another 20. He refused to even clean the house. So, I left him…he divorced me. While it was my choice to leave, it was still shattering. I raised his daughter for almost 9 years – and he cut off all contact immediately. I lost “friends”. I lost my church. My daughter lost her friends. My daughter lost her church and her youth group. What those people don’t know are the secret things that we endured. They don’t know the hurt that he brought to  our lives. They don’t know the cutting words he spoke to us. They only see what they want to see, what he claimed, and what was on the surface.


But my daughter and I have persevered. We have learned to really lean on God. We have learned that man/woman cannot and will not be there, but that God is faithful. Two years later, she is in a Christian college with a great group of friends. For once  in my daughter’s life, she truly fits in. High school was not great for her. Two weeks into college and she is in love with it. How is it that within the span of graduating high school and moving into college, that these teens can change so much? That even if they would not have spoken in high school, they are best friends in college?


Indiana is a #new beginning for not only myself, but for my daughter as well.


Disclaimer: Not all of these photos are mine. As I have only been in Indiana about two weeks I have not had an opportunity to capture any photos. Hopefully one day soon I will soon be able to capture my own Indiana photos.


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