Higher Education


I am what I call a “professional student.” After the age that many go to college, I really started to attend. Because of various situations and choices, it took me many years to complete my formal post-high school education. For many years (too many) I attended a local community college. I attended here until it was to the point that the classes I needed were not offered but once a year, and I came to the realization that I would be there for another three years trying to finish an Associate’s degree.

It was at this point I saw an ad for a local adult education program that was offered one night per week. I found out that in less time that I could complete an Associate’s – that I could have a Bachelor’s. So…I took the plunge and enrolled. Overall it was a great program. I was in a cohort with other adult learners who were just like me.


Fast forward many years….and another degree. 

Now, I’m working for another university, enrolling adult students for a similar program that I was enrolled in. I am an advocate of higher education. If it were not for higher education, I would not be who I am today, or where I am today. I can use my own experience – my own education – and use it for good. I can tell others about my own experiences, and encourage them to venture out on this new path themselves.

I was the kid who was told I shouldn’t set my sights past being a line cook at Wendy’s. I was the kid my coach called a loser. I was the kid who was told I wouldn’t amount to anything. But I did. I proved them wrong – and I know others can too. I know people can break those barriers, prove wrong the naysayers, and fulfill their dreams. All it takes is vision and hard work. 

While education does come at a cost, where would I be without it? 



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